Lessons from first love

Tom poet

lessons from first love

loving feels awesome in very first days
when you fall for someone.
your words become so sweat
your eyes become too kind
your thoughts most of the time back to the love
of your life
you can feel changes in your mind.

sometimes your dreams are like
paradise,when she comes to visit you
in slumber.
your bed becomes an ocean of happiness
your pillow becomes so beautiful enough
to make you wish to stay asleep
because you think that love is right there
with you now.

all of your insecurities leaves
when she wraps herself into your arms
her soft glance full of mercy
takes you back from stress
her sweat voice whispering into your ears
makes all of your anger fade
like a shade
when light refuses to leave.

you feel like she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.


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