Words simply can’t describe
How your love has changed me
My feelings for you Will remain forever as it is loyal for you

My feelings are so many
But words can’t describe any
Your words your voice your beauty
Each one above is part of our story

Roses are praised For how cute they are
So as the cuteness of your eyes are

As I start thinking about the distance
I start to realize your brilliance
I start to realize how things been painful for years
And for every time I dream about you
I feel so happy weirdly happy

Even if it doesn’t seem real
Even if it’s just a dream
You are the life
The dreams
The stars and the heavens
You’re the love of my loneliness
You’re the main verse of every poem

Loving you feels like a war
I either win it or neither nor

Whenever things get heavy
You change it madly within a single word
You are the light of my reflection
You’re the girl that I love the most
If I thought just for a moment
That this would be my last breath
I would say that “I love you …….. “
The day when I told you what I feels
I knew that it would last
For you, I would give you the whole me
I believe that you deserve loving

The sky The moon
The shadows are far
Just like my love for you Would last so far
I’m hopeless lover
Yet I’m still hoping
It’s your birthday today
And now you’re older
And more beautiful than you ever were
Wishing you the best
Wishing you everything great
I promise to be loyal
I promise to stay your lover
Maybe one day
We will fly higher than we ever were
Even higher than the doves
Maybe one day
We would build a kingdom of our love
Maybe the day comes
When you will be my queen
When you will love me back as I dream
So we never be apart again.

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