Together Forever

When I saw her at first I thought I will never see her again
She smiled loudly to her friend’s joke
She sat facing me but she never looked at me.
It only took one millisecond to fall for her
It was a weird experience but we cannot cheat love.

I had read somewhere that the more you hide love the more it reveals itself
The more she smiled The more I was attracted to her
Her cotton like teeth with a small space between the upper incisors caught my eyes
It really shows how God creativity was infinite.

She carried perfect features from head to toes
Actually a good creation story
If Lord Krishna was to be born again, She could be the mother
Her body was physically fit geographically complete mathematically correct religiously pure and economically stable.

She looked calm and gentle
The ball was now on my side. I had one mission.
To make a move
And change the stranger to my closest friend.

I promise to keep her forever
I will always be there for her no matter how hard it gets
We will still cuddle kiss care for each other
I will give her my attention because She caught it at first sight
Let’s prove to people that two people can stay together forever.

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