The beginning and the end

Today I’m going to tell the story of
A he and a she who found eternal love in each other
All started out with her as a new girl in the neighborhood
A quiet reserved one who abided by every rule
One dark rainy day he noticed her in the distance
Her wet cloth stuck to her skin and he stole a glance
Was it lust or attraction that hit him hard that day
Hard enough to make him walk up to her but not know what to say
He expected a slap or at least for her to walk away
But she smiled softly and told him she wanted him to stay
And that was the beginning of the love in between
Something that neither of them had ever seen
They vowed to each other, believed they would choose each other no matter what
They stargazed, sneaked out together they did what not
They felt complete as if they had found what they sought
And days turned into months
Months into two years
Suddenly they had to face their worst fears
He was arrested for a case he got dragged into by his friends
He could no longer hug her every night and kiss her hands
He had to stay locked up in a cell not just physically but mentally too
Cause his loved one was out there not knowing what to do
She made a promise to herself that she would wait till he was out of jail
Swore it on her life and his that she wouldn’t fail
Five years later he finally walked out
He walked out of the cell which had her name scribbled all over
And he rushed outside expecting to see her smile once again
But she wasn’t there she was nowhere to be seen
See they weren’t a fairytale they were reality
She waited for a while but eventually burned out
She thought they were over and there’s no point in holding on
‘What’s the point’ she thought
‘He’s going to forget me anyway’
Her soul had faded away
She just wasn’t the same girl he met that day
Life had sucked happiness out of her way
Or at least she thought so
He looked and looked for her
But found nothing no trace of her
Except a friend who told him about her moving to a different country
Living with a rich man her parents made her marry
At that point he couldn’t take it anymore
His princess his queen the reason he lived for
The companion he built a life within his mind for years
The one who cared, used to wipe away his tears
Was gone slipped out of his hands
For reasons beyond his control
And he didn’t feel heartbreak he felt his heart crush under the pressure
He felt lost without her, his beloved treasure
And he drank down the insect repellent he had bought from a shabby store
Minutes later he lay on the floor
With foam in his mouth and a bottle in his hand
Meanwhile she had given birth to her first child
Wondering what if he would have been the one with her
The father of her child
But that’s just a fantasy right? A pretty dream she once had
She tried to shake him off her thoughts
Although he never really left
That was the end of the he and the she
That thought they would be together till eternity
But just didn’t make it💔

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