What is Love?

Love is not about a day, it’s about every single day we live on this earth. Love is about strength, respect, kindness, humanity, sacrifice, love Is about understanding, communication, sharing, Love not only happens between couples or between two strangers, love is between every relationship, Love is everywhere, love is always around us,  Love is about support, care, faith, hope.  Valentine day is just a day which shows us that love is still alive, Valentine day for me is to make human understand that there is still love and to make human aware and realize about love importance valentine day has been created so that people can remove time from their busy schedule and can spend their day with their loved ones.

Love is unconditional that’s why God created mother, Love is strong that’s why God created father, Love is pure that’s why god created siblings, Love is Trust believe faith that’s why god created marriages, love is support sharing and care that’s why god created friends, Love is miracle which can bring many changes within us, hence God created this world the entire universe, Every single thing around us will make us realize about god’s love for us human, God created Humans and give us free will because it was his love for us, Trees give us oxygen, it’s trees love for human, we have water, sun, sky, moon and every special and beautiful thing around us it’s because of love,  God loves us hence he created us, We human are born with love, Hatred never gives life, Love gives life, Hence love is not about a day, Love should be within us for every individual in this world, A single act of kindness can show us lot of love, a single help to any needy can give them new way to live this life, can give them so much of positivity and can give them hope and faith that yes humanity kindness and love is still alive.

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